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    3 Ways UL 508A guarantees better panels

    The 411 on 508
    Standards are notoriously complex, so most people take it on faith that the UL sticker on the panel is all they need to check. But what exactly does that certification mean?

    The dark secret about "certified" control panels

    Dark secret
    Electrical control panels present more than a few safety risks, and panel buyers frequently don’t get the level of safety they assume they are buying.

    The surge in panel protection

    More dangers in the power world
    As the sophistication and functions of control panels have evolved over the years they have also become more fragile. Combine that with the dangerous power world we live in today, and protection from surges is more important than ever.

    Determining short circuit current ratings: Industrial control panels

    Calculate SCCR
    The short circuit current rating (SCCR) of a control panel is a critical figure to determine in order to adequately protect people who work on or around power equipment.

    Manual motor protectors or fuses: Which best protects motor drives?

    How to choose
    For most people, fuses are the default protection method when it comes to branch circuit protection for the inputs to motor drives. However, in certain applications, manual motor protectors could have many advantages over fuses.

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